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white collar crime

Vista Criminal Lawyer:
White Collar Crime Defense

I am Vista - San Diego criminal defense lawyer Peter M. Liss, and I can help you.
I have personally defended many individuals with an arrest and charge of:

  • White Collar Crime
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Grand Theft
  • Internet Fraud
  • Workers' Compensation Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Burglary
  • Forgery
  • Other Fraud and Theft Offenses

in Vista and San Diego. I can also help you if you are facing a potential "third strike" under the three-strikes law. If you need a Vista or San Diego criminal lawyer, please call me today for a free consultation. You will receive top representation for a reasonable fee.

White Collar Crime Facts

White collar crime offenses include stealing or wrongfully taking the property of another, fraudulently taking entrusted property, and defrauding someone of property, real estate, or labor by a false representation or pretense. Theft can be either "grand theft" or "petty theft," depending on the value of what was stolen and other facts. Grand theft can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor; petty theft is a misdemeanor. Forgery offenses include passing bad checks and signing another person's name to a check, and other related offenses. Forgery can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the amount of money involved and whether the defendant has a previous theft or related conviction.

Penalties can include jail or prison time, fines, and other penalties. Additional prison time can be given for fraud or theft for higher amounts, depending on the exact offenses charged.

Attorney Peter M. Liss can help you by:

  • 1Advising you and keeping you updated at all times on your case status
  • 2Arguing for lower bail
  • 3Interviewing witnesses and police
  • 4Gathering evidence supporting your defenses
  • 5Making court motions.
  • 6Evaluating all legal defenses available in your case. These can include insufficient evidence, innocence, lack of criminal intent, and other defenses
  • 8Seeking reduction of charges (when available)
  • 9Representing you at trial or in a plea bargain
  • 10Presenting the best legal defenses for your case
  • 11Seeking alternative sentencing, or the lowest sentence available. Alternative sentences (available in some cases) can include fines, electronic monitoring / house arrest, community service, work furlough, and counseling, and in the case of bad checks, a bad check diversion program.

More benefits to selecting Attorney Peter M. Liss:

  • 12Available every day, every hour. 24-hour in-person answering
  • 1330 years experience; hundreds of theft, fraud, mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, embezzlement and theft-related cases, burglary, and robbery handled; track record of success; over 100 criminal trials; University of California - Berkeley trained lawyer
  • 14Attorney Liss personally handles your entire case
  • 15Top quality services at reasonable rates
  • 16Free first consultation
  • 17All major credit cards accepted
  • 18Immediate, courteous response
  • 19Office across from Vista Courthouse and Jail, with free parking

I have personally defended many people charged with white collar crime offenses, including insurance fraud, workers' compensation fraud, real estate fraud, embezzlement, grand theft, burglary, internet fraud, forgery, and numerous other fraud and theft - related charges in Vista and San Diego. Many of these cases have involved large amounts of money or valuable items. If you or someone in your family has been arrested on one of these charges, please call me to learn how I can help you. I provide top quality representation for a reasonable fee, offer a free initial consultation, and accept all major credit cards.

For skilled, immediate help with white collar crime, insurance fraud, workers' compensation fraud, real estate fraud, embezzlement, grand theft, burglary, internet fraud, and related offenses, call San Diego Criminal Lawyer Peter M. Liss:

(760) 643-4050 or (858) 486-3024


How to Contact Attorney Peter Liss

For immediate help, any time, any day, please call me at (760) 643-4050 or (858) 486-3024.

I can help you.