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domestic violence

Vista Domestic Violence Lawyer

I am Vista - San Diego domestic violence attorney Peter M. Liss, and I can help you. I have personally defended hundreds of individuals with an arrest and charge of domestic violence and spousal abuse in Vista and San Diego. You will receive a free initial consultation, and top representation for a reasonable fee.

Domestic Violence Explained:

Domestic Violence means violence, or threats of violence, to:
  • A spouse (either husband or wife)
  • A person you are cohabiting (living) with, or
  • A person who is the other parent of your child

Offenses in the "domestic violence" category include spousal abuse, assault, battery, threatening phone calls, criminal threats, damaging a phone line, and witness or victim intimidation. Once you are arrested, you should not try to reason with or confront a victim or witness because this may lead to more charges. You should turn the entire matter over to a skilled criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Law Enforcement Prosecutes Whether or Not Victim Agrees

Domestic violence crimes are prosecuted by law enforcement agencies even when the alleged victim refuses to press charges or takes back ("recants") the claims of abuse. There do not need to be other witnesses. This means that even if you and your spouse or live-in have reconciled, the case will likely go forward, and you will need a skilled criminal attorney to help you. Potential penalties for spousal abuse are severe and an experience domestic violence attorney is essential to obtain the best result under the facts and law.

Attorney Peter M. Liss can help you by:

  • 1Advising you so that you can avoid conduct leading to further charges and keeping you updated at all times on your case status
  • 2Arguing for lower or no bail
  • 3Interviewing witnesses and police
  • 4Gathering evidence supporting your defenses and good character
  • 5Making court motions
  • 6Evaluating all legal defenses: innocence, self-defense, lack of sufficient evidence, mental incapacity, and others
  • 7Seeking reduction of charges (when available)
  • 8Representing you at trial or in a plea bargain
  • 9Presenting the best legal defenses for your case
  • 10Seeking alternative sentencing, or the lowest sentence available. Alternative sentences (available in some cases) can include probation, anger management classes, fines, and domestic counseling

More benefits to selecting Attorney Peter M. Liss:

  • 11Available every day, every hour. 24-hour in-person answering
  • 1230 years experience, hundreds of domestic violence and spousal abuse cases handled, track record of success, over 100 criminal trials, University of California - Berkeley trained lawyer
  • 13Attorney Liss personally handles your entire case
  • 14Top quality services at reasonable rates
  • 15Free first consultation
  • 16All major credit cards accepted
  • 17Immediate, courteous response
  • 18Office across from Vista Courthouse and Jail, with free parking

I have personally defended hundreds of individuals charged with domestic violence and spousal abuse in Vista and San Diego, California. Family concerns, by either couples who are separating or couples who want to stay together, are often part of these cases. To learn more about how I can help you with family concerns, please go to the Domestic Violence Family Concerns page of this website.

For immediate help with domestic violence defense, call Vista Criminal Lawyer Peter M. Liss:

(760) 643-4050 or (858) 486-3024


How to Contact Attorney Peter Liss

For immediate help, any time, any day, please call me at (760) 643-4050 or (858) 486-3024.

I can help you.